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High Pressure Grinding Mill Technical Advantage:
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1)Compared with other mills under the same conditions, such as power production increased 10-20%, roller grinding pressure on the material under high pressure spring to improve High Pressure Suspension Grinder series of 800-1200kg.
2) Mohs hardness of less than 9.3 processing of mineral materials can be crushed.
3) A wide range of product particle size, particle size of the most up to 0.613 millimeters thick (30 mesh), particle size usually ranging from 0.033 millimeters (425 mesh), a small number of the finest materials up to 0.013 millimeters (1000 mesh)
4)Dedusting effect fully meet the national dust discharge standard.
5)Analysis of machine adjusted to facilitate
6)Grinding device overlapping multi-level seal, sealing performance is good.

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