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Examination of Lubrication on Ball Mill
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 Ball mill is an important equipment used in mineral mining and manufacturing, such facilities require materials to be ground or pulverized prior to fueling generator sets or being used in final product processing. Much of this material is ground in Ball, Breaker,  Mills. Many of these mills have large, open bull or ring gear and pinion gearsets as drive mechanisms.
Lubrication of these expensive, large open gear systems presents a big challenge because of the harsh environmental considerations, as well as heavily loaded conditions. Grinding or pulverizing mills are exposed to cement dust, mineral dust, coal dust, temperature extremes and heavy loads. These severe conditions magnify the need for superior lubricating products. Eamination of lubrication on ball mill is an important thing during the ist service life.There are sevral steps you should follow to exam the lubrication .
1)Check lubrication
Check the oil level and add more if it is low;
Discharge the old oil and add new oil to the rated value if the machine is not used for a long time;
Check the rated oil;
Check the blowhole;
Check if there is oil leak;
Check if the bolts are loose;
Check if the temperature of the bridge bearing pedestal is over high when the equipment is rotating;
2)Check the lubrication of the lubricating grease
Check the supply of the lubricating grease;
Check if the lubricating grease is too much or not;
Check if the bolt is loose or not;
Check if the bearing temperature of the vibrator is high or not when the machine is working;

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