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Structure and Adjustment of Sand Making Machine
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PCL Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher (namely,sand maker, sand making machine)is made of upper cavity, middle cavity, crushing cavity, frame, turntable, transmissions device and so on.
Upper cavity: upper cavity body, sort set, overflow’s channels and adjustment valve (fill valve), etc.
Upper cavity can assure materials to enter into middle cavity smoothly and adjust the ratio of central flow and scattered flow.
Middle cavity: middle cavity body, cross shelf, feed port, scattered flow sorting flanged shaft, and etc.
Middle cavity can assure central flow to enter into turntable and scattered flow fall down evenly along around of turntable.
Crushing cavity: cavity body, inspection door, side guard board, and flange plate, etc.
As the special structure of crushing cavity, side guard board plays the protection role at the early days of operation. During production and operation, piles of materials form protection course for side guard board. Then the board will not be worn out and have the same service life with the machine.
We can check up the usage of turntable, crushing cavity and replacement of module conveniently through the inspection door.
Warning: Don’t open the inspection door until the machine stops.
The transmission system is assembled with the supporting sleeve of principle axis, engine bracket and other parts in frame. When the transmission system is welded together crushing cavity,the materials lost energy in crushing cavity flow out by way of discharge port of frame and fall on transmission device and be sent out.
The transmission system which is installed in the frame is made of bearing sleeves, bearing, principle axis, connection knot, belt wheel, belt, engine, etc.
Turntable is made of turntable body, cone of distribution materials, upper and lower wear plate, abrasive brick, impact abrasive brick, etc. The turntable is fixed at the end of principle axis with connection knot. It rotates at a high speed with the help of principle axis. During crushing, accumulation horizon in turntable protects turntable from wearing. It can produce continuously, only when we replace the abrasive brick or other wearing parts.
It is the best way for you to get the grain size you required if you adjust the following devices well: rotation speed, power, ratio between central flow and scattered flow, feeding grain size, diameter of turntable, inner clapboard and other devices.

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