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The development trend of Mining machinery manufacturing industry
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 In recent years, low carbon green has become the world's development important tendency, the community will be green and low carbon into their own one kind of life manner.Mining machinery industry sweep of the fresh wind, green wind will drive whole industry science and technology innovation to a new field, rising to a height of the hitherto unknown.The current number of countries in the world is to establish its own green bulwark of environmental protection, green manufacturing are clearly consistent with the trend of modern economic development trend in.

"Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China green environmental protection, the principle of independent innovation for industrial development mode put forward further requirements, therefore, mining machinery manufacturers must pay close attention to mining machinery in the production process energy utilization situation, try your best to reduce energy consumption, for people living environment together a force.Mining machinery manufacturing industry in adhering to green manufacturing and integration of independent innovation of Green Avenue, how to realize our country mining machinery manufacturing industry by do greatly strong.In response, on 2012 the domestic mining machinery manufacturing industry the development of the market, in the tripod of machine also has some of his own views.

 In fact, in recent years Chinese mining machinery manufacturing industry development momentum is very powerful, but the outstanding issue is in the technology, strategy along the old path, not fundamentally to change development train of thought, but also the current mining machinery manufacturing industry especially in mining mineral crushing sieving industry, mining machinery enterprises to provide users with a complete, into a line service companies are few, lack of a full set of solutions or take more complex engineering project contracting ability.In the face of international competition in the market is more pressing, so in the international market, the internationalization of technology, investment the respect such as internationalization should greatly strengthen, to a broader international perspective, flexible and diverse forms of operation, the use of all available domestic and industrial resources, seek cooperation and win-win situation, in order to realize mining machinery manufacturing industry innovation technology upgrade target mode should actively promote and implement.

 Experts point out that, at present, mining machinery technology level, is to promote the production of crushing screening equipment for the mainstream, the next 20 years of development, and will remain so.To further improve the accuracy, efficiency, automation, intelligent, networked foundation, and gradually to the processing unit and high-end equipment manufacturing system transition.

 Our country has already entered the mine machinery producer, consumer and importer in the ranks, but "big and not strong".Based on the current situation of Zhengzhou Zoneding machine in the tripod Machinery through deepening reform further, adjust industry and product structure, change the mode of economic growth, enhance own innovation ability, accelerate the end of mining machinery, processing equipment, crushing equipment and key parts of the research and development and market development, further improve product quality and enhance service awareness, improve the whole integrated competition ability of the industry, adhere to the path of green innovation Avenue, believe that the mining machinery industry will certainly be able to realize the fast and sustainable development, completed by become strong greatly targets.

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