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How to Extend Ball Mill Service Life
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The ball mill users all know that they should take good care of ball mill in order to extend its service life .There are   many factors that influence ball mill’s service life, we will explain the specific use of ball mill and related factors following:
    The main factor is that we should keep ball mill in good maintenance, eliminate the defects disease, to ensure the normal operation of grinding ball mill machine. Besides daily maintenance, it is still need regular maintenance every month. Zoneding Machine engineer suggest customers’examine the hollow shaft , main bearing, barrel, reducer, gear, carefully and make detailed records. According to the defects, make proper repair and overhaul plan and arrangement.
    The next is that during the use process , we should pay attention to several points: First,  how to determine the speed of ball mill. Second, judge whether the ball mill is overload. Third, determine the ratio of steel balls. if you want to get more information of ball mill, you can continue to visit ball mill maintenance.
    Note that the above content can effectively increase the service life of ball mill, and increase the revenue of customers.

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