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Ball Mill Examination and Overhaul
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   1. Put on the notice board ”Don’t switch on” when repairing the ball mill;
    2. Repair the mill under the following circumstances;
    2.1The bearing temperature is above the rated value;
    2.2Liner bolt, revolution body or access hole is loose;
    2.3The discharging port is blocked;
    2.4 The spare parts in the mill, such as the liners, fall off;
    2.5 The liner bolts and manhole doors are not sealed well;
    2.6The speed reducer works abnormally and has high vibration and loud noise and the temperature is above the rated value; 2.7Teething of gear& pinion vibrates sharply;
    3 Change the spare parts under the following circumstances; 3.170% of the thickness of liners is damaged or has a crack of 70mm long;
    3.2 When the head of liner bolt is worn heavily and the liner is loose, change a new bolt;
    3.3 The discharging port is blocked;
    3.4 There is a crack in the hollow shaft.
    4 The grade of loading controls:
    4.1 The first ball-loading and grade refers to the following (or the customer can regulate according to his experience);
    4.2 Grinding body and its abrasion value; After a certain period of operation, grinding body will be worn or broken, so the ball loading and grading change,which will affect the grinding effects, mill production capacity declines.It is neccessary to add grinding body at regular intervals to maintain adequate ball charge and gradation. To do that the simplest way is to record power comsumption from first-time staring up of the mill,and then maintain this power comsumtion later on. It is better to know the neccessary quantity of grinding body to be added to mill every one kw power reduction from actual mechanical process. In order to know the abrasive value of grinding body, pour out all the grinding body, classify it and weight it after several months normal operation (or when overhauling the mill), thus,the model and quantity of adding grinding body is known, if material property keeps the same.According to the value, add grinding body at least twice to the mill every month. Pour all ofthe grinding body out of mill at least three times each year.above points are also important for test running of ball mill .

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