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Standard Media Filling Ratio for a Ball Mill
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 Stainless steel balls are often the grinding material of choice when it comes to ball mills. Steel has the ability to pulverize almost any material, after the installation oa ball mill,you have to test its running.In the test running process, the ball you add into the cylinder body shoul not exceed 80% of the maximum capacity, after several days normally operating ,you can add more steel balls.The following is the points you can follow when you add steel balls to ball mill.
    Loading and running time of the commissioning
    a)Idle running (without grinding operation and materials) 3-7 hours.
    b)Install 1 / 3 of the grinding operation of 3-5 hours.
    c)Install 2 / 3 of the grinding operation of 5-10 hours.
    d)Install 5 / 6 of the grinding operation of 10-12 hours.
    e)Load all the grinding operation of 15 hours.
    Must be emphasized that the above-mentioned load growth rate, not to exceed the actual progress of gear mesh adjust the extension of its load growth rate, not to exceed gear tooth contact rate the accuracy of the principle that end, operation of each stage, it is necessary to seriously examine the meshing of gear (tooth surface contact, temperature, sound, etc.), when found to be abnormal should unloading and extend the operating time, the contacts did not meet the design requirements accuracy shall not operate at full capacity.

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